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What Are CFAH Review Websites?

The popularity of CBD supplements has skyrocketed in recent years, spurred by media reports, popular interest groups, and public declarations of its medicinal benefits. However, are all of these CFAH CBD reviews and rating hype? Not necessarily. In fact, the majority of CBD review websites are pure sales pitches. Readers are not looking for a single source of information on CBD supplements; they are more interested in a resource on CBD products from which they can gain a wealth of information. And CBD experts, who seek to provide this kind of resource on CBD products, are not selling products, but telling readers what kinds of things they are looking for in a CBD supplement.

CFAH expert CBD reviewers do not "sell" anything. They do not make commissions from selling products. Their sole purpose is to provide the public with as much information as possible about CBD, including the benefits and disadvantages of CBD, and the range of products on which it is available. Readers are not looking for "the latest sale!"

Readers want and need information, not sales pitches. They want reliable information, which comes from qualified, scientific research conducted by third parties. When CBD review websites provide unverified or anecdotal information, they are giving readers the wrong impression. Unverified information has often been used as "tricks;" for example, a product being endorsed by an individual CBD expert may be pure advertising hype. But when the source is from a CBD manufacturer, distributor, or supplier, it is more likely to be considered useful and accurate.

CFAH experts and other independent organizations have done comprehensive and in-depth research into the health benefits, as well as the safety, of CBD and other complementary plant medicines. This information is freely provided to the public and included in their CFAH website. Many parents who seek CBD supplements to treat their children's symptoms are not aware that there are complementary plant medicines that are just as effective for children.

There are many parents who use CBD supplements to treat their children's symptoms who are also considering CFAH certification. While CFAH certification is not required to sell products, many parents are concerned about this possibility, considering that some sellers are not necessarily true brokers. These types of sellers will take the money of the parents upfront and then use this money to purchase CBD supplements from other sources. Parents should know and understand that CFAH certification is not required to buy these supplements, nor is it necessary to be a CFAH member.

The CFAH website allows parents and caregivers to connect on an individual level, so that they can share opinions, discuss potential supplements, and learn more about each other. CFAH review websites are also designed to educate the public about products such as CBD and other complementary medicines. CFAH also offers an online forum where parents and caregivers can interact to share information, experience, and ask questions. This forum has become a very popular CFAH resource for parents and caregivers seeking additional information and CFAH training for CBD supplements.

  • Wendy Mallory
  • Sep 17 2021
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